14 day 100 % nomades from foum zguid

14 day


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????% nomades

To explore the beauty of the desert and the nature we come up with this program in which you will learn alot about the nomades and nomadism. Our parents was real Nomades living in the desert and moving from one place to an other according to season and rain.especily when was the broder free so that they can cross to the other countries like Mali ,nieger,borkinafasou,Tchad and Algeria.so in this program called ????% Nomades you will pass thé advanture of crossing the desert from foum zguid which is the last point to the desert, to zagora passing by lac iriki .we will take our need in the back of dromadaires and walk like the nomades. You will learn how to prepare nomades food and how to survive in the desert.


This is one of the most important advanture in the region that you should take. You will never forget this advanture

Day 1 – arrive foum zguid is a small town in the south of Morocco not far from warzzazate. After arriving in foum zguid we will visit the old kasbah (la kasbah Oum hansh), make some shopping, and buy our need for the advanture.the next morning we have breakfast very early and take the raod to the dromadaire place 1 klm from foum zguid

Day 2 – start the dvanture from foum zguid – Elmadouar lkbiir.

  after meeting the dromadaires team and little introduction of the team we start the advanture walking through the hamada direction Elmadouar Elkbiir.  We will pass the night in the oisis of Elmadouar around 19 klm from foum zguid.

Day 3 – Elmadouar Elkbiir – The plateau of Elmadouar sghiiir.

there is around 18 klm from Elmadouar Elkbiir to Elmadouar sghiir . In the evening we will walk the mountain of Elmadouar in which there is the plateau in which we will enjoy the beautiful view .

Day 4 – Elmadouar sghiir – lac irik

Visit he fousils and cross the dry lac iriki

Day 5 – lac iriki – dune de  Erg Elmhazil

Day 6 -Erg Elmhazil- zouiar lbaid

Day 7 -zouiar lbaid – Erg Elghoul

Day 8 -Erg Elghoul – ouad Elmhasser

Day 9 ouad Elmhasser- diabi oisis

Day 10 cross the small atlas to Elfayja

Day 11- Elfayja rgab ntal

Day 12 reach zagora

Day 13 -back to marrakech

Important Information

Price Includes

  • transfers from Marrakech to foum zguid and back to marrakech
  • 13 night accomodation and days accomodation
  • Breakfast daily.
  • Guiding ,camel,food, kitchen ….

Price Excludes

  • Personal need
  • Drinks
  • Turban


DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION Marrakesh / forum zguid. / Foum zguid or mahamid elghizlane


? drinks

? personal need 

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? start from forum zguid going trough the oisis of elmedouar sghiiir

? discovering fossils 

? crossing the big dry lack of iriki

? visit the old village of sidi abdenabi 

? visit the school of nomades 

? have thea with nomades friend and see how they live in the desert 

? camels trips in the weldness

? sleep in the bivouc des nomades in chegag close to the biggest dune in the area

Back to foum zguid or continue to mahamid elghizlane depending on your choice 


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