Desert tours from foum zguid depending on the time you have

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Foum zguid is one of the main beautiful, calm cities in the area. It is the window to the desert .many people take it easy while they are coming from tata or zagora and make third trip to the desert from forum zguid .so if you will pass by this place please let us know how could we help you to make your wonderful and unforgettable trip to the desert from foum zguid. If this programmes doesn't fit you please contact us and provide us with enough informations so us to organise a better trip that feet you .

DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION Marrakesh / forum zguid. / Forum zguid or mahamid elghizlane

? transport from forum zguid to the desert and back to it

? food 

? the bivouac 

? camel trip


? drinks

? personal need 

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? start from forum zguid going trough the oisis of elmedouar sghiiir

? discovering fossils 

? crossing the big dry lack of iriki

? visit the old village of sidi abdenabi 

? visit the school of nomades 

? have thea with nomades friend and see how they live in the desert 

? camels trips in the weldness

? sleep in the bivouc des nomades in chegag close to the biggest dune in the area

Back to foum zguid or continue to mahamid elghizlane depending on your choice 


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