chegaga desert nomads race

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Nomads racing is a special nomads race no cars no trucks only the desert boat (camels). The race start from the north part of erg elmhazil to the north of the dunes next to chegaga desert. Bivouac Les nomades will be our arrival point.the last eddition was made by Sebastian lonkar who win the race in 3 hours and 30 minutes. He cross the dunes from the north to the west without GPS. No GPS or mobile phone is possible in the day of the racing. In the past 40 yeas the nomades made it with camels and the winner will be the leader of the tribe of nomads and should have respect because they consider it as a brave man so he deserve much respect and because we look for the best for our customers and friends we start what our parent was doing for our customers because this is the way we share our tradition and history in the same way as it is. In this racing you will not only make some sport and enjoy the golden dunes in deep but also will know how really nomads are living in the desert. So for registration and the following steps please contact us because the link tto the race  still on working.

DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION Marrakesh /agadir / Marrakesh

All the things you need for the racing and the desert trip is included


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Marrakesh -warzzazate-taznakht-foum zguid-lackiriki-chegaga-mahamid elghizlane- tagonit-zagora-warzzazate-marrakesh

Marrakesh, high atlas, taznakht, foumzguid, lack iriki, dunes of chegaga, crossing jbel bani, zagora

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