Morocco Desert Tours

Morocco is definitely the best destination if you want to explore the magic of the desert. The sand dunes of Erg Chebbi near Merzouga is the appropriate place where you can ride a camel, watch the breathtaking sunrise and sunset, spending a night in a nomad tent, doing sand boarding, relaxing far away from the hassle of the cities and to get you great memories that will last with you lifelong. We will take you to the road followed by ancient camel caravans of salt and gold trade and to the spectacular oasis as well as the stunning landscapes of Morocco desert.

Morocco Desert Tours program offer the opportunity to learn about daily life, traditions, and culture in the cities and among nomads and Berbers through delicious cuisine, natural history, and architecture. While we have planned the following trips according to our favorite travel spots and added some adventure, we are happy to accommodate your tastes and schedule should you like to modify an itinerary. The majority of our trips are private, and we otherwise keep our groups small.

Highlights of Morocco Desert Tours

The following is a list of the most popular Desert tours in Morocco that takes you into the heart of the fascinating golden dunes. Explore the Kasbah trail, valleys, verdant oases, and the golden Erg Chebbi dunes of the Sahara Desert. Enjoy your very own private nomad tent camp and music around the campfire. We can provide desert tours from Marrakech, Fes, or Casablanca and return to either city. It is designed for couples, families, or small groups who want to experience first-hand what Sahara’s desert has to offer. Enjoy a lifetime experience in Morocco's Sahara Desert. We can organize your bivouacs, in the desert or in one of the oases, whether for your holidays with family, friends, or groups. All our bivouacs are equipped with toilets and offer the best comfort. Any form of restoration can be served, according to your taste and your desires.